Behind the Scenes – interview with Vital Agibalow

April 14, 2015

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Behind the scenes documentary video below !

He makes celebrities shine!

As a fashion blogger, I am familiar with what usually happens during the photo shoots. Everybody is running around and yet things seem to never get done on time. But there is a different scenario on the shoots with celebrity photographer Vital Agibalow. He is famous for not only his flawless execution of cover shoots and editorials but also for his therapeutically relaxed manner of dealing with the stars and getting great shots of them in a stress free environment.

“The main point is to make everyone feel like they are home,” states Vital while getting ready for the shoot with the Ukrainian singer Anastasiya Prikhodko. Nastya is visiting U.S. with her charity tour to raise awareness about the conflict in Ukraine and help those with PTSD’s to receive proper treatment. “No worries,” says Agibalow, and his confidence transfers to the rest of the crew. Makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus puts on his mix of jazz and blues music, hairstylist Yasu Nakamura picks Oribe products for the shoot, while InLove’s Editor-in-Chief Elena Vasilevsky casually is going through the exquisite pieces of jewelry by Cantamessa. While the crew is in pain due to the situation in their motherland, there is an oasis of peace and happiness at the Agibalow’s shoot, knowing that they all do the right thing, supporting Ukraine at these difficult times with positive and beautiful cultural activities through InLove magazine.

I’ve been following Agibalow’s career since 2008, when he had just signed a contract with Hensel USA, a world leader of studio lighting equipment. I did a full-page interview in which Vital discussed his artistic background, his work ethos and his family history in photography. Seven years later, now with multiple Vogue and Elle editorials behind him, Vital is a world renowned fashion and celebrity photographer who works mostly with A-list celebrities (Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, and Diane von Furstenberg to name a few), but he is still just as excited about discussing his art as he was when I met him 2008.

Despite all of his accomplishments, Vital is still a very down-to-earth guy. Whether he is shooting backstage at New York Fashion Week amongst the industries finest or helping newbies with advice, his charming smile exudes the calm confidence and joy of a man who loves what he is doing. Vital is a busy man, but he still finds ways to invest his valuable time for various charitable causes. His latest project, an art exhibition designed to educate the Hamptonites about sustainable practices, brought him an enormous amount of satisfaction – compared only with his exhibit in the City dedicated to the New York Fashion Week.

“What I really enjoy in life is capturing the beauty of the subject in front of me!” says Vital. It is hard to believe, but even Victoria’s Secret “angels” such as Adriana Lima and Alexandra Ambrosio seem to look even more beautiful in Agibalow’s portraits (is it really possible?). I am not even talking about the “regulars” of Vital’s photo shoots that can’t get enough of his work. Eights descendant of American entrepreneur Cornelius Vanderbilt singer Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin and Bollywood’s super star actress Priyanka Chopra are among those people.

Even though I was just observing the shoot, I left the exquisite Bryan Park loft generously provided for the InLove Magazine photo shoot by Bravo Management inspired, incredibly confident, and relaxed. Next time I am stressed out, I should probably call Mr. Agibalow (or should I say, therapist – photographer). He knows how to psychologically unfreeze workaholics and celebs!

Katya Bychkova


Анастасия Приходько фотосессия для американского глянца INLOVE в Нью Йорке

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