JENNY PACKHAM FALL-WINTER 2015 BACKSTAGE Beauty Buzz – Hair, MakeUp, firstlooks, VIDEO

February 17, 2015

Earlier this year,  Jenny Packham visited the Prado Museum in Madrid – home to the world’s largest collection of artworks by Spanish greats including El Greco, Velazquez, Goya and Murillo. Amongst these masterpieces it was the alluring, flirtatious scenes by the lesser known nineteenth century artists Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta, that really captivated her.

Garreta’s subjects are society women. Beautiful and fashionable, they are confident, seductive and intriguing. Working with oil on canvas, he conveys the sumptuous fashions of nineteenth century style; satin, feathers, porcelain and velvet, with a beautiful luminosity.

A majestic palette, rich with texture, this season’s collection comprises slinky from form fitting gowns, full skirts with coquettish slits and contemporary separates of midi palazzo pants, tailored flared trousers, peter pan collars and statement jackets. Painterly hues of nightfall blue, emerald green, black tulip and cocoa are accented with bright bursts of poppy red and paprika orange.

Exquisite fabrics; draped duchess satin, opulent velvet and delicate lace are adorned with oversized textual sequins and intricate beadwork of crystals and pearls, each garment exuding a sense of drama inspired by the spirit of Garreta’s women.


Designer Jenny Packham photographed by Vital Agibalow at the backstage prior to the Fall 2015 collection runway show.


First look ready with done makeup and hair at Jenny Packham fall 2015 collection.


Lead Hairstylist backstage at Jenny Packham Fall 2015 collection


Laura Mercier Face Chart at Jenny Packham fall 2015 collection


Talia Sparrow for Laura Mercier – Key Makeup Artist – backstage at Jenny Packham fall 2015 collection  DSC_3214_JENNY-PACKHAM-BACKSTAGE-fall-2015-NYFW-©2015_VITAL_AGIBALOW

Look created by Talia Sparrow for Laura Mercier

Jenny Packham  fall 2015 Collection was inspired by a collection of “alluring,  flirtatious” artwork displayed at the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain, by lesser-known nineteenth century artist Raimundo de Madrazo y Garret. The “confident, seductive and intriguing” society women featured in Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta’s pieces convey the fashions of this time: “satin, feathers, porcelain and velvet, with a beautiful luminosity.”  The show’s lead makeup artist, Talia Sparrow, channeled these society women in the creation of the makeup look. Sparrow shares, “We’ve taken that inspiration into modern day, with a cool, confident look that is tough but feminine.  It’s a bit undone and has a rock and roll vibe.” The final look showcases the beauty of the skin, with a focus on the eyes.

Beauty – Hair and MakeUp at Jenny Packham Fall 2015 collection Photographed by Vital Agibalow


Nails chart from lead manicurist Michelle Saunders for ESSIE created a glamorous “dew drop” look.


The combination of creamy orange and sparkling bronze drew attention to the nails on the runway. DSC_3223_JENNY-PACKHAM-BACKSTAGE-fall-2015-NYFW-©2015_VITAL_AGIBALOW

Social media for Jenny Packham ( it is really comfortable when it is on the walls for everyone to see )