KYE fall 2015 Collection at New York Fashion Week

February 12, 2015

KYE Fall 2015 Collection full fashion runway show VIDEO below;

Friday, February 12th 2015 @ 2:00 PM
Pier 59 Studios, New York City
Korean Designer Kathleen Kye s​howed her collection, featuring both women’s & men’s
looks, at Pier 59 Studios during New York Fashion Week. The show featured music by The
Misshapes,​styling by Lysa Cooper,​

makeup by Dick Page for Shiseido,​

hair by Matthew Curtis for TRESemme

nails by Rose Velez-Miggins f​or Tat’z Nail’z.​

VIP attendees included 2 Chainz (​Rapper),

Leigh Lezark (​The Misshapes), Nigel & Cristen
Barker,​and more.

People play cards and put coins in slot machines to hit the jackpot. Just for fun or out of
desperation, they bet on pure luck which inevitably leads to erroneous results. Without luck,
our life becomes dull, but if some youths lack in hard tries at life and hang on to the kind of
lifestyle for fluke, then their life’s realistic probability becomes null. They eventually become
losers in life.But this is also a moment of truth for KYE’s fashion for its FW 2015 collection. KYE catches
the symbols and images of luck – trump, fruits, tokens, 7s and slot machine emblems – with its
usual sense of humor by displaying them on various parts of the collection.
KYE presents different types of color palettes for various effects and introduces new
techniques in pattern-making: the “grass” embroidery, acrylic studding and customized
ribbing. Materials also reveal diverse sources, including manipulated velvet, cotton, faux fur
and denim. KYE delivers the fashion’s symbol for the losers by offering new retro styling in
contrast to its usual experimental offerings in previous collections. Perhaps, this points to
KYE’s new direction in its fashion business.

BACKSTAGE BEAUTY with Dick Page interview – VIDEO below;