February 14, 2015

The LACOSTE style seen by Felipe Oliveira Baptista? An essential style. A style

with a strong heritage yet more-than-ever contemporary, an urban style that

flirts with the open air, a style that is neither masculine nor feminine but

both equally. A style injected with casually sophisticated sportswear that

plays with codes and strips down to the essential: self-expression. The

starting points of the collection were the vision of one man, René Lacoste,

and tennis, which made him famous both as a champion and as an inventor.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista pays tennis a tribute once more this season, and

offers a ‘winter tennis’ that mixes the supple lightness of sportswear with

the tailored elegance of long protective coats. This spirit runs through an

entire wardrobe where menswear and womenswear echo each other.

Tailoring is inspired by the casual refinement of the 30s and fantasized by the

graphic and colorful 70s. The collection is built around a ‘chic’ that does not

take itself seriously: ‘René did it first’ and ‘Tennis anyone?’ are featured on

sweatshirts and sweaters. The story is set: this winter is all about tennis!

The wardrobe showcases a look inspired by the past but made contemporary

by its play on strong contrasts: super-structured sportswear meets lengths,

volumes, strong colors, subtle tones, solid fabrics and art-deco prints

revisited by the 70s. A tennis dress is worn under a men’s overcoat or a

striped club blazer. Stripes, one of the sporty codes reinvented for the

season, go all the way, as seen on a white cable-knit and navy V-neck cricket

sweater-turned-dress that can be worn different ways. The tracksuit also, at

the core of the wardrobe, is reimagined like an urban ensemble in jersey,

nylon or silk. Oliveira Baptista pays tribute to René Lacoste ‘the inventor’ too

when experimenting on the versatility of garments as functional daily

pieces, with sweaters and coats that feature sleeves which can unfasten to

free the arm movement or dresses that transform according to the wearer’s

whim. Does comfort offer a new allure or vice-versa? Anyhow, it is a

free-thinking cosmopolitan allure that exudes the pleasure of reinventing.


ALLURE – The look is light and protective. It offers short skirts sheltered by

long coats and knits that follow the body curves worn with flowing volumes.

The mix-and-match of sporty and tailored pieces creates an urban versatile


COLORS – Signature LACOSTE colors, grass green, red and blue featured in

subtle shades; touches of acidic lime green and vibrant purple; an array of

grey-to-black hues, as well as white, beige, camel and gold.

FABRICS – The collection plays with fabric weights – double-faced wool,

mixed cottons, slubbed canvas or thick knit on one side and poplin and

ultra-fine nylons or flowing jerseys and striped woven wools on the other;

original archive prints by the inventor of the crocodile logo Robert George.

ESSENTIALS – The tracksuit is celebrated like a city outfit in thick jerseys as

well as more flowing fabrics; skirts and skirt dresses with small pleats;

color-blocked reversible raincoats in wool and cotton; short trench coats in


ACCESSORIES – In the late 20s, Robert George, friend of René Lacoste,

embroidered a crocodile on the champion’s blazer. The animal, that had

become the player’s emblem, would be the symbol of the brand that LACOSTE

created a few years later. This episode marked the start of a long collabora-

tion, as the illustrator designed many patterns for the brand, including two

checks used now in color on polo shirts. They are also seen on the various

styles of the René bags, a sturdy and elegant line inspired by original vintage

sport bags and available this season in three sizes. Vintage sport infuses

footwear too, with three men’s sneakers taken from the brand’s archives: the

René, invented for the courts in 1963 by René Lacoste himself; the LS.12, a

highlight at recent LACOSTE runway shows; the Kingdom, inspired by 90s

tennis and reissued in supple leathers. The latter is unisex and suits the

LACOSTE woman too, working as an alternative to the minimalist derby or the

low-cut pump which are both showcased on the runway and available in the

color palette of the season. Solid or striped sporty tennis headbands and

‘cut-out’ caps protect the everyday athlete from the cold.


Backstage Beauty ;

Lead Hair Stylist – Laurent Philippon for Bumble & Bumble

Key Make-up Artist – Mayia and the M·A·C PRO team

Manicure  –  Prity NY 

Lacoste Fall/Winter 2015 Runway Show | New York… by Fashion_TV


1 Mica Arganaraz  Argentina

2 Piero Mendez  Spain

3 Lexi Boling USA

4 Arthur Chruszcz Germany

5 Julia Nobis  Australia

6 Vanessa Moody  USA

7 Fernando Cabral Portugal

8 Mia Gruenwald  Germany

9 Abiah Hostvedt Jamaica

10 Ola Rudnika Poland

11 Anna Cleveland Netherlands

12 Felix Gesnouin France

13 Julia Van OS Netherlands

14 Arthur Gosse France

15 Margarita Pugovka Latvia

16 Aneta Pajak Poland

17 Regitze Christensen Danemark

18 Dani Witt  Brazil

19 Angel Rutledge USA

20 Miles Langford England

21 Chris Jackson USA

22 Sam Rollinson England

23 Nicola Wincenc USA

24 Hedvig Palm Sweden

25 Marique Schimmell Netherlands

26 Aya Jones France

27 Julia Nobis  Australia

28 Justin Girard USA

29 Aamito Lagum Ouganda

30 Sophia Ahrens Germany

31 Lexi Boling  USA

32 Anna Fokina Russia

33 Arthur Chruszcz Germany

34 Gryphon O’Shea USA

35 Arthur Gosse France

36 Kyle Mobus USA

37 Baptiste Radufe France

38 Luping Wang  China

39 Piero Mendez  Spain

40 Nastya Sten Russia

41 Fernando Cabral Portugal

42 Julia Hafstrom Sweden

43 Felix Gesnouin France

44 Mica Arganaraz  Argentina

45 Sam Rollinson England


1/ Mc Solaar – Nouveau Western

2/ Jack Dice feat. Stash Marina – Stash’s Theme

3/ IAM & RZA – Seul Face A Lui

4/ Suicideyear & Honeycoma – Brye Ting

Snippets/Samples from:

Beyonce – 7/11

Tokimonsta – Realla feat. Anderson Paak

Finale : Mc Solaar – Nouveau Western