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NEW BEAUTY magazine Features Dr.SCHMIDT Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL in NYC.

June 30, 2017

NEW BEAUTY magazine features Dr. NARGIZ SCHMIDT – Park Avenue based Cosmetic Dentist

Published in July 2017 issue


Prosthodontist Dr. Nargiz Schmidt specializes in reconstructive, aesthetic and implant dentistry. She believes that beauty and function go hand in hand.“It’s as important to me to focus on function as it is to craft beautiful smiles,” says Dr. Schmidt. Her conservative approach is represented in her favorite saying, “I respect the tooth enamel!” She travels all over the world as an award–winning lecturer on the topic of noninvasive dental aesthetics. Through teaching international dentists her aesthetic techniques, Dr. Schmidt aims to revolutionize the standard for minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry. Along with her drive and dedication, she is committed to providing her patients with personalized and gentle care.


Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL in New York @VITALphotoNYC

MakeUp & Hair by KATE ROMANOFF for @ MAC cosmetics


NEW BEAUTY Magazine features Dr.KONSTANTIN photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL in NYC.

June 30, 2017

NEW BEAUTY magazine features Dr.KONSTANTIN – Park Avenue based Plastic Surgeon

Published in July 2017 issue


An assistant clinical professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr.KONSTANTIN VASYUKEVICH has performed more than 1,000 facelift procedures since he started his practice six years ago. He takes pride in his ability to look at a person’s face and know right away how to bring out its natural beauty. “I make sure I am always on the same page as my patients aesthetically before I operate.”


Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL in New York @VITALphotoNYC

Grooming by KATE ROMANOFF for @ MAC cosmetics


DOUGLAS ELLIMAN President and CEO – DOROTHY “Dottie” HERMAN for HAMPTONS magazine USA. Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL.

July 3, 2016

Why you know her:

Just last year, Dorothy “Dottie” Herman, president and CEO of Douglas Elliman,

the largest residential real estate brokerage in the New York metropolitan area,

oversaw $22 billion worth of property transactions.

According to Forbes, she has amassed a $270 million fortune.

The company employs 6,000 people in some 85 offices.

DOROTHY “Dottie” HERMAN portrait.


Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW – HENSEL ambassador US,

Styled by Kate ROMANOFF

Published HAMPTONS magazine USA, June – July 2016

Cotton Carrier 2 Camera Vest Is Perfect For Your Photo Adventures

March 21, 2016
Photo Attached: 
Cotton Carrier’s 2 Camera Vest carries two full-sized cameras and reduces or eliminates neck and shoulder strain. cotton-Carrier-2-Camera-Vest-AD
Spring is just around the corner and soon hikers and outdoor photographers will be outside and on the trail looking for that perfect springtime shot. Carrying a full-sized DSLR or two around the neck or shoulder can quickly become a literal pain in the neck.
Cotton Carrier of North Vancouver, BC, has a solution.
“Our patented 2 Camera Vest is engineered to carry two cameras safely and to reduce or eliminate the neck and shoulder pain that comes from carrying two full-sized cameras with long lenses,” Brook Parker, Chief Operating Officer of Cotton Carrier, said.
“It’s easy to use and you’ll be ready for the shot every time.”
Each 2 Camera Vest includes two Camera Hubs that attach directly to the tripod mount on the base of your cameras. The Camera Hubs slide in and are securely mounted into the rugged Lexan Camera Vest locking system, and release instantly when a camera is turned 90 degrees.
The vest is made of 1680 Denier Polypropylene for comfort and durability, and its single size fits all photographers. Camera Hubs are machined anodized aluminum, and two are included with each 2 Camera Vest, as are two fiberglass-reinforced camera safety tethers, two Hand Straps and one Universal Adapter Plate. The Side Holster can be removed and be used independently and attached to your pants belt; perfect for travel where space is a premium. And if you get caught in a spring shower, slide your umbrella into the interior sleeve and cover your camera with the camera rain cover included with your Camera Vest. A Camera Vest for carrying one camera is also available.
“The Camera Vest is perfect for all photographers,” Parker said. “It’s great for any outdoor enthusiast who loves photography. It’s even been used by downhill skiers and rock climbers. We have it on video!”
For more information on the 2 Camera Vest and other Cotton Carrier products, go to
See the Camera Vest in action on skis, rock climbing – even a trampoline – at  HYPERLINK

Actress OLIVIA CULPO photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL in New York

March 17, 2016


Actress OLIVIA CULPO photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL

Actress wearing MARCHESA gown @MarchesaFashion


Olivia Culpo is an American actress, model, television presenter, cellist and beauty queen who won the Miss USA 2012 pageant, representing her home state of Rhode Island. She previously won the 2012 Miss Rhode Island USA competition, which was the first pageant she entered. Crowned Miss Universe 2012 in Las Vegas, she is the first winner from the USA to obtain the crown since Brook Lee in 1997.

LANNY LANNER photo shot in New York by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL

March 15, 2016



Lanny Lanner photographed in NYC ©2016 VITAL AGIBALOW

Lanny Lanner 1 photographed in NYC ©2016 VITAL AGIBALOW

LANNY LANNER photo shot in New York .

Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL

LANNY Lanner – Singer Songwriter – Deutsch Pop.Rock, lebte 10 Jahre in New York und ist jetzt in Österreich und Deutschland tätig.


About LANNY Lanner

1997 – 1998

Lanny sammelte erste Erfahrungen mit einer österr. Rock Band, mit der er auch eine Demo CD in New York produzierte,
die im dt. Musikmagazin Soundcheck bewertet und ausgezeichnet wurde.

1998 – 2007

Im Jahr 1998 übersiedelt er in seine neue Heimat New York und startet seine Solo Karriere.
Mit Hilfe seiner ehemaligen Bandkollegen produziert er sein erstes Album mit dem Namen Lanny Isis „IF“.
Die Single „She’s like a hole in my head“ schafft es in den Billboard Talent Net Charts auf Platz 3.

1999 erhält Lanny einen ASCAP Popular Award von der Musikverwertungsgesellschaft ASCAP, der einmal jährlich an junge Nachwuchsmusiker und Komponisten verliehen wird.

In den darauf folgenden Jahren festigt er sein Standing in der New Yorker Szene, bespielt mit seiner New Yorker Band namhafte Clubs
(z.B. The Bitter End, The Lion‘s Den, The Downtime, Back Fence, The Red Lion, 1849 Bar, The Boudoir Bar) und produziert sein Album „Unplugged Sessions“, von dem einige Titel 2006 im Studio mit voller Bandbesetzung neu aufgenommen werden. Diese Studioproduktion wird unter dem Titel „A Beautiful Day…in NYC“ veröffentlicht und ist erhältlich auf 2003 verschlägt es Lanny mit seinem kanadischen Freund und Musikerkollegen Paul Martin in die Karibik nach St. Barts und St. Martin.
Dort tourt er in den folgenden drei Jahren regelmäßig und lernt den Pariser Produzenten und DJ LA
kennen. In Zusammenarbeit mit ihm produziert Lanny Isis unter dem Namen „Project Paris“ drei Titel und gibt mehrere Live Konzerte in Paris.

Mit Paul und seiner Band bestreitet Lanny zudem Auftritte in Toronto, sowie zahlreiche Solo- und Duo-Auftritte
in seiner Heimat Kärnten und auch in Wien.

2007 – 2013

2007 zieht Lanny dann zurück nach Europa, widmet sich der Arbeit an seinem ersten deutschsprachigem Album und tritt regelmäßig Solo Live in Deutschland und Österreich auf.
Seit September 2013 ist Lanny auch mit neuer Band wieder Live auf der Bühne zu sehen. Mit Wolfgang Lindner (Produzent) – Drums, Tom Eder – Guitars, Werner Laher – Bass hat Lanny eine tolle Crew auf der Bühne stehen und auch im Studio sind diese Herrn wohl kaum zu übertreffen.


Am 1. Juli wurde die neue EP – Kopf oder Zahl veröffentlicht und zeitgleich erschien auch das neue Video zur ersten gleichnamigen Single, mit der er auch sowie schon zuvor mit „Mein Leben findet heute statt“ im deutschen Fernsehen auftritt.

Am 22. Okt. 2014 schafft Lannys erste deutsche Single „Kopf oder Zahl“ in den RBB Hey Music Charts von Jürgen Jürgens den Neueinstieg gleich auf Platz 7, klettert dann in Wertungswoche Zwei auf Rang 3 und in den darauffolgenden verbleibenden Wertungswochen sogar auf Platz 1. Auch andere deutsche Rundfunkstationen (Deutschland Radio Kultur, SR3, SWR1, RBB, Antenne Frankfurt, etc. nehmen Lannys Musik erstmals in ihr Programm auf.

In diesem Jahr wurden auch zwei Musikvideos produziert. Das Video zu „Kopf oder Zahl“ wurde von Tim Wilhelm in München und das Video zu „Lass uns nicht angekotzt ins Bett gehen“ von Frank Schlageter und Thomas Herm in Wien realisiert.

Spring 2016 editorial photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL in New York

March 15, 2016

(image below) – Model wearing dress by PATRICIA BONALDI @PatriciaBonaldi


(image Below) Model wearing Shirt and Denim by Danish Label – 2nd DAY @daybirgeretmikkelsen

Handbag by MARIA’S BAG @aliboer , Shoes TIANNIA BARNES @TianniaBarnes


(image Below) Model wearing Shirt and Pants by Danish Label – 2nd DAY @daybirgeretmikkelsen

Shoes TIANNIA BARNES @TianniaBarnes


(image Below) Model on the left wearing Danish Label – 2nd DAY @daybirgeretmikkelsen  

Model on the right wearing Shirt by DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN Denmark brand @daybirgeretmikkelsen 

and Pants 2nd DAY @daybirgeretmikkelsen n


(image Below) Model wearing dress by GIG Couture @GIGcouture   


(image Below) Model wearing dress by PATRICIA BONALDI @PatriciaBonaldi

Shoes TIANNIA BARNES @TianniaBarnes


(image Below) Model wearing Shirt by DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN Denmark brand @daybirgeretmikkelsen

Pants by Danish Label – 2nd DAY @daybirgeretmikkelsen

Handbag by MARIA’S BAG @aliboer

Shoes TIANNIA BARNES @TianniaBarnes


(image Below) Model wearing dress by Alon Livne ©AlonLivne 

Shoes TIANNIA BARNES @TianniaBarnes


(image Below) Model wearing Shirt and Pants by Danish Label – 2nd DAY @daybirgeretmikkelsen

2NDDAY is a Danish progressive women’s wear label standing on a foundation of leather,

tailoring and denim with an excellent fit and quality.

2NDDAY’s raw elegance builds on a clean and arty aesthetic: the collections are contemporary and daring.

Shoes TIANNIA BARNES @TianniaBarnes


(image Below) Model on the left wearing dress by GIG Couture @GIGcouture  

Model on the right wearing dress by CHRISTOS COSTARELLOS @ChristosCostarellos   


(image Below) Model wearing dress by CHRISTOS COSTARELLOS @ChristosCostarellos 

Shoes TIANNIA BARNES @TianniaBarnes


(image Below) Model wearing dress by PATRICIA BONALDI @PatriciaBonaldi


 Spring 2016 Editorial inlove magazine

Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL


MakeUp by KATE ROMANOFF for MAC cosmetics


Models :